International exhibition "Easter holiday"

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International exhibition "Easter holiday"

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International exhibition "Easter holiday"

XIII international exhibition-fair "Easter holiday", once again, gathers visitors. Here you can buy not only the book, icon, Easter souvenir, gift or toy, stock up on herbs and honey, to buy clothes from natural fabrics or products made in the monastery or the farm.

The theme will be the Millennium of Russian monasticism on a Holy mountain Athos. The visitors will see the rare photos of mount Athos which are 120 years old and with modern pictures taken literally, "yesterday", you'll see the stunning costumes in the Russian style at the show on Saturday, learn how the Church helps those who wish to get rid of addiction, will see a rare collection of monks and saints, and on Sunday will participate in master classes "Easter gift".

In the exhibition participating of about three hundred monasteries, temples, publishing houses, workshops, religious services, secular organizations. And all of these participants are not only from Russia but also from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Montenegro, Greece and Israel. One of mandatory elements - daily concert program in which performances of folk and children's groups, as well as singer-songwriters.

The exhibition complex "Lenexpo" will host the exhibition-fair "Easter holiday" from 11 to 15 May.


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