Exhibition by artist Reza Derakshani

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Exhibition by artist Reza Derakshani

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Exhibition by artist Reza Derakshani

Russian Museum will present to the audience the works of renowned Iranian artist Reza Derakshani. The first solo exhibition of this painter, as well as the master of performance and musician, widely known at home, in the United States and Europe, was held in Tehran, when the artist was nineteen years old. Since then, Reza Derakshani – is a permanent member of museum and gallery exhibitions around the world.

In her work, Iranian artist brings impulses and themes of traditional Persian art, while under the influence of the Italian colorism and drawing a lot in American abstract expressionism. In this multi-layered cultural background of the poetics of the artist's deeply personal: it creates purely the author's mytho-poetic reality, imbued with personal feelings, insights, harmonies.

It is easy to foresee that the Iranian contemporary art will have a rapid development, and organizing such an exhibition, Russian Museum participates in the support of a new wave of representation in museums of contemporary Iranian art.

May 26 − July 26, Marble Palace


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