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In the Sunday Evening program the president of Russia Vladimir Putin told Vladimir Solovyov about the current situation, and rejected all charges of race of arms.
Here part of answers.

- Race of arms?

- No, it isn't race of arms. The matter is that modern weapons of destruction are improved, change. In other countries it occurs even quicker, than at us. Therefore we are simply compelled not to lag behind. Our state arms program was created a few years ago in the conditions of a quiet international situation. The program is realized not because we prepared for some aggressive actions but because the main shock complexes which were armed the Russian army, protective systems became outdated and were drawn. Time them approached to change. And we in due time made these decisions.

- Barack Obama considers that all of you do only of vanity, desire to return Russia on the political map of the world. We are able to afford such rearmament and such foreign policy?

- Yes. Business not in foreign policy. The foreign policy of Russia is peaceful without any exaggeration. If to look at the world map and to see that Russia is, becomes obvious that it isn't necessary for us neither others territories, nor foreign natural riches. Russia - the self-sufficient country. We have no need to be at war and clash with someone. Moreover, in the 1990th year after all Russia was the initiator of divorce between the republics of the former Soviet Union. It was the common decision without civil war and other conflicts of this sort. And among this common decision the decision of Russia was the basic. Therefore we have no desire to recreate the empire, to recreate the Soviet Union. But we have to protect the Russian sovereignty. And we, of course, did it and we will do.

Decisions on updating of arms and equipment of Armed forces of our country it was accepted the latest complexes a few years ago. 10 years ago we already thought of it and the corresponding plans initiated. Once again I want to repeat, it is connected with natural replacement of the arms leaving a turn.

There is one more circumstance to which I would like to pay attention. Arms are high technologies. Problems which we solve in this sphere, induce us to development not only applied, but also fundamental science. And it has positive consequences for all economy. In the same communication I would like to tell and about so-called import substitution. Many things which we used in defense industry, bought abroad. Was obvious always that to buy some sensitive things and technologies for defense industry, to put it mildly, shortsightedly. But it is very easy to do it for petrodollars. It is necessary to develop the science, the production. Import substitution does well to us. It is not that we create problems for the economy, on the contrary, we bring it to new hi-tech boundaries.

The full text интерьвью it is possible will examine for example here http://www.rg.ru/2015/10/11/programma-site.html


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