Security measures when flying to 47 countries of the world are strengthened

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Recommendations about special security measures during flight received all Russian airlines. It is about the list from 47 countries performance of flights in which at the moment needs to be provided with the raised measures of aviation safety. Earlier the leadership of the Russian Federation recognized that explosion of a bomb aboard was A321 cause of accident in Egypt. Measures include including recommendations to carry out flights with the stocks of dry food and drinking water accepted aboard at the Russian airports. And also it is recommended to organize whenever possible maintenance of aircrafts by forces of own technical structures or crews, having as much as possible reduced without prejudice to safety of flights number of types of land service at these airports.

Recommend to increase safety when flying in the airports of 47 countries. Including: Austria, Algeria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, India, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Malaysia, Macedonia, Moldova, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Syria, USA, Sudan, Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Philippines, Montenegro, Uganda, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka.


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