«The Cane of Titan» arrived to the Hermitage

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«The Cane of Titan» arrived to the Hermitage

The exhibition «Lee Ufan: The Cane of Titan» opened in a large yard of Winter Palace (The State Hermitage).

The sculpture «The Cane of Titan» (2014) is the most famous work of a contemporary Japanese artist Lee Ufan. The sculpture included in the series "Relatum" in which the works made of a contrasting texture of materials.
In the age of 20 the artist, who was born in Seul, emigrated from Korea to Japan. While he was studying on the philosophical faculty of the University of Tokyo, he decided to try himself in fine arts. In the 1960s he was one of the initiators and active participants of the Association of contemporary art "Mono-ha", calling for de-Westernisation of Japanese culture and to the revival of traditional cultural paradigm.

Minimalist sculpture and the paintings of Lee Ufan have been exhibited in major museums around the world – in the gardens of Versailles and the Guggenheim Museum (USA, New York), the Tate gallery (London) and at the Venice Biennale.
The sculpture «The Cane of Titan» (200 x 520 x 145 cm), which weighs 9 tons, is placed in the space of the large courtyard of the Winter Palace, gives the impression of the chamber object. The exhibition was prepared by the Department of contemporary art at the State Hermitage Museum in the framework of the project "Hermitage 20/21" designed to acquaint the Russians with the art of 20-21 centuries. It will run until 9 October 2016.


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