Exhibition «Craft learn - always useful»

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Exhibition «Craft learn - always useful»

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Exhibition «Craft learn - always useful»

Exhibition "Craft learn - always useful" takes place in the children's center of the Russian Ethnographic Museum from October 30 to November 30, 2016.

More than 150 exhibits from the museum demonstrate the originality and uniqueness of national crafts and crafts, was common in the culture of the peoples of Russia and neighboring countries. In addition, the exhibition presents the work of contemporary artists - employees SEM: Samples of embroidery, beading, author's doll. Products of folk life are made of textile, wood, clay, fur, leather, beads, stone, metal.


Our advantages

We love and appreciate our city very much therefore it is very important to us to leave doof impression about St. Petersburg in your heart.

We very much love and we appreciate our city therefore it is very important for us that impressions about it remained in your memory for a long time. We will make the individual program according to your interests and preferences. At the program there can be both foot walks, and trips at the car on sights of the city and suburbs. You will be able to learn the unknown facts and to hear mystical stories and legends of St. Petersburg and its vicinities.